Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summertime Summary

This has been a busy summer for me.; it started with getting married in late May, which may say enough.  
Did I mention we had a themed wedding?
We honeymooned in Ireland, came home, and did a lot of our setting up house and the like.  And then I started cooking.  So far, things are great – I love to cook, and Michael loves to eat; we work well together.  We even started a smallish garden this year, and I will be canning lots of tomatoes, if the cooler nights don’t kill them all off, first.

Then summer kept coming at us with so many things. 

My sister also got married, and I was an attendant in it.
Hers was not themed - Thank goodness!

We had some friends and their daughter-in-law from Japan (and the grandbaby!) over at my parent’s house, and I got crazy and made a fruit salad.  
Gold star if you can name all the fruit!
Our guests made okonomiyaki that night, and it was delicious. 
Mixing up the batter
Then add the thin sliced meat
Then we had them come over to our house, and I made (cheater) ribs and had a whole table of stuff.
Some people really love corn on the cob!
Their grandson just loves ribs
 There are a few other undocumented cooking experiments that have happened this summer, but while we were in Ireland, I bought a couple of cookbooks.  So far, I’ve made shepherd’s pie and fish n chips.  The shepherd’s pie was delicious, and I’d like to try making it with smaller portions.  The fish n chips was more the British style, which tends toward a thicker batter and coating on the fish.  The chips (fries) were excellent, however. 
Because Guinness goes with everything!
Michael ate all of his, and then finished my fish, too!

Then in mid-August we went to Colorado – my extended family is mostly out there, and with both my sister and I getting married, we didn’t think it fair to make people choose which to attend.  While we were there, we stocked up on something that you can only find in the western United States; Stokes’ pork and green chilies.  It’s the essential ingredient in our enchilada recipe.

Funny thing about our enchiladas, is that we always called them burritos as kids – but a burrito has everything on the inside, an enchilada has sauce and such on the outside.

Beef Enchiladas, serves 4 adults
Or burritos, we call them that, too
½ med yellow onion
1 lb ground beef
1 – 14 oz can refried beans
1 – 14 oz can Stokes’ pork and green chilies
toppings, like cheese, tomatoes, sliced peppers, etc
Brown the ground beef and onions together in a pan, and drain out the excess fat.  Add the whole can of refried beans and scoop out ½ can of pork and green chilies.  Mix well and turn down heat to low.  
Warm up 4 tortillas, and fill each with one quarter of meat mixture on a large serving plate or oven-safe dish, fold in sides, then carefully turn over, so folded edges are on the bottom.  Spread remaining pork and green chilies over tortillas, then cover with cheese, tomatoes and sliced peppers, or desired toppings.  Microwave on high for 2 minutes, or until cheese is melted.  Alternately, place oven-safe dish in 300 degree oven for 5-10 minutes, until cheese is melted.  Enjoy! 
My sister and I used to request no tortilla and eat our filling with tortilla chips instead, and either grated cheese on top, or with melted cheese on the side, sort of like a nachos supreme.

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